Doug the Movie

That's a lot of body paint.



Dear Japan: This is fucked up ok?

Roll into one

Dudes. I am going to begin the process of rolling my portfolio and blog into ONE. I think with the slight research I've done with Blogger's capabilities, it is entirely possible! So if you see weirdness going on, it's me testing things.


Ion draws like Hurley

I've been tasked with drawing my agency's holiday card. The image depicts San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Austin, and London in a brown and orange cityscape. I decided I wanted to copy Anna Hurley's painfully cute drawing style. I threw up in my mouth a little as I was drawing this.


This was last night

I designed this poster to promote an event called "Lust, Lust, Lust!" in Oakland. I went and had such a good time that I've misplaced my phone. Sigh.


New things

Just an update cause I finally have internet at my new apartment. This isn't really going to be a particularly interesting post beyond "Oh hey, I've moved". I'm basically typing here to fill space. 1 sentence posts just don't look attractive you know?

Go listen to Toro Y Moi. They're good.


LOST alternate ending footage found. Macho.

Not as good as my alternate ending, but this would been satisfactory as well.

via i09


In ode to Hoffman

Another mikeyion & rahbean collabo! Robin's favorite pup Hoffman, is transformed into a icon and then into a delicious cookies n' cream cake (cause duh, he's black in white).

This Pikachu haunts my dreams

Fucking yikes. Via Kotaku


Packaging so awesome, Ima cry

This is student work and it's absolutely amazing. I'm quite jealous. Designed by Linna Xu, this Ilford 120 film packaging resembles a Twin Lens Reflex Camera from the 1800's.

via TheDieline